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Men-Sharpen-Men Friday Meeting – ZOOM Instructions

Below are “quick start” instructions for connecting to the Men-Sharpen-Men Friday Morning meeting online conference!

There are two main options for connecting to the meeting:

  1. Connect via a Device (e.g. computer or smartphone)
  2. Connect via telephone

Hints and Tips for a Better Zoom Experience


The best way to connect is via the “Connect by Device” option and even better if your device has a camera.

  • Using a Computer with a camera and microphone (best method)
    • Make sure you are connected to the internet and click on the link provided. You may receive one or more of the following prompts:
      • You may be asked to download and install the Zoom application. It is safe and necessary to do this if you want to join by computer
      • You may be asked to launch the Zoom application. It is safe and necessary to do this if you want to join by computer
    • You will enter the Zoom app and be automatically connected to the discussion. You will see
      this display:

      NOTE: If you do not have a video camera on or attached to your computer, you will see a black
      screen with your or your computer’s name in the center and not a video image.

    • You must select which audio connection option you want to use.
      • Connect using Computer Audio – This option uses the speaker and microphone in or
        attached to your computer. If you do not have a microphone attached to your
        computer, you should select the “Phone Call” option instead.
        You can test your computer’s audio capabilities by clicking on the “test” option, or you
        can join the meeting by clicking on the “Join with Computer Audio” button.
      • Connect using Phone Call – Use this option if your computer does not have a
        microphone or if you prefer to use a telephone instead of the Computer’s audio.

    • You should now be connected to the meeting. Once in, you can use the on-screen controls to
      manage how you view and participate in the meeting.

      In the upper-right corner are options that control the video display (such as full screen mode)
      and the view. For view:
      1. Selecting “Speaker View” shows a large image of whomever is speaking (and will
        switch based on who the dominant speaker is at the moment) and small images of
        other participants across the top of the display.
      2. Selecting “Gallery View” shows a “Hollywood Squares” gallery of all participants (there
        may be multiple pages) with the current dominant speaker identified by a green
        outline around their image.

      At the bottom is a control bar with the following functions and uses. Note that some options
      are available only to the meeting host.

    • To exit the meeting, click on the “Exit Meeting” button at the bottom right of the display.

  • Using Only a Telephone to Connect to the Meeting
    1. From any telephone, call the number provided.

    2. When prompted, enter the 9-digit Meeting Id (provided) followed by the “#” sign.

    3. If prompted for a Participant ID, enter it, followed by the “#” sign. If you do not have a
      Participant ID, simply press the “#” sign to join the meeting.

    4. Be sure to mute your phone when you are not talking and remember to unmute it if you you
      want to talk.

    5. To exit the meeting, simply hang up.

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Hints and Tips for a Better Zoom Experience

  1. If you are on video, remember that we can all see you and what’s in the background behind you!  Generally, you will only be visible from the waist or chest up.  Depending on what you are wearing, it may be wise to not forget and stand up!
  2. Try not to have a light source behind you (e.g. windows or bright lights). You may appear as only a silhouette.
  3. If possible always make sure you are in a quiet surrounding
  4. If you are accidently disconnected from the meeting, simply use the link/number provide to rejoin.  Please do not explain your departure or announce your return.
  5. Use the spacebar as a “push to talk” feature instead of muting and unmuting yourself
  6. Be mindful of others’ desire to participate.
  7. Signal to a host that you’d like to speak and wait to be recognized by the host before continuing.
  8. Hosts will likely keep eveyone muted and may, at their discretion, mute a participant that is rambling or over participating
  9. Use the chat feature to communicate with the entire group while someone else is talking.
  10. Also use the chat feature to communicate one-on-one with another member of the group or one of the hosts.
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