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Men-Sharpen-Men Friday Morning Men’s Group


I was part of a similar group in Bloomington (Men’s Life) and it had a huge impact on my growth in my relationship with Christ and was impactful seeing other successful men placing their trust in Christ.  I felt God calling me to start a similar group in Michiana.  A group of business men from different churches, coming together to learn and grow in the relationship with God and with other men.

This is a group effort.  God has blessed this group with men who want to learn and grow and blessed this group with great leaders who are selfless, eager to learn and lead.

- Randy Schneider, Group Founder



Leadership Team



John Day




Roger Fairchild



FredaA copy

Augie Freda




Brad Miller




Thane Rulli




Randy Schneider




Steve Szklarek




John White










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