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My One Word

Randy Schneider

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Our Men with “One Word”

“My One Word” is a powerful and refreshing way to make a change! A change to become closer to Christ, a change to become a better husband or father, a change to be a better boss/employee, a change to improve something spiritual, physical or mental. Enough with the New Year’s resolutions that we don’t fulfill or unrealistic goals that we never attain. Let’s each focus on one area (One Word) to change a resolution into a reality.

I first heard about “One Word” from Tom Allen (Head Football Coach at Indiana University). In a Summary of his words he states:

    “The One Word is a big deal. Everyone in our program came up with one word each year. To give them focus, purpose and passion about what we are doing. What makes the words so powerful is that they picked them. It is about belief. It is about what you have convictions about in your heart. What do you take a stand for? What do you live for? What are you ready to die for?”

There is a book “My One Word” by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen that talks about the One Word concept. They talk about this as a way to help you find lasting change by spending an entire year focusing on just one word that represents you most hope God will do in you.

As you look at the questions and Assignment, please pray, look at God’s word to help guide you in answering the questions and ultimately help you find your “One Word”. Don’t worry if you don’t have a “One Word” by Friday Morning. My hope is that this lesson helps guide you to think more in depth about what God wants to do in your life, discover more about the person God created you to be and help you find your “One Word” for 2018.


  1. As we think about 2018, what do you picture?

  2. What gives you Focus, Purpose and Passion?
    • Spiritually:

    • Personally:

    • Professionally:



  1. What is “My One Word” for the current year?
    • Scripture to reflect on and to reinforce my “One Word” during the year
    • Brief statement on my “One Word”.
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