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Knowing the Truth and the Truth of Forgiveness

Lee Boone

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About 2 weeks ago I asked a question. Where in the Word (Scriptures) does it say to forgive yourself?  Many people have stated that you must forgive yourself in reference to having peace from a wrong previously committed. My question; is this true by the Word of God, by a philosophy, a reasoning or wisdom of man?  Can those who do not trust Christ have access from being guilt free by forgiving themselves? (What Scripture proves this?) Does the Lord accept this way of thinking? (What Scripture proves this?) ? Can a person be forgiven by God, outside of the truth of His Word? (What Scripture proves this?) What does the following Scripture mean?

John 8:30-32 (KJV)

    31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

  • If a believer in Christ who does not continue (remain) in the Word of the Lord know the truth? Know His Divine Truth?

Personal Questions

  1. Have you ever forgiven yourself from a wrong you previously committed and have been freed from guilt or do you have to continuously forgive yourself when that sin periodically comes to your mind? What does that look like?

  2. Have you fully accepted the Lord’s forgiveness from a wrong committed? (1Jn.1:9). If so were you free from that guilt of that sin or were you not?

  3. Is accepting the Lord’s forgiveness the same as forgiving yourself or is there a difference?

  4. Can you truly forgive yourself and be set free?

  5. Apart from forgiveness what else do you need to be set free from?


Read page 2  to see what I have seen concerning the truth.

The Truths

Consider: There are truths that exist in philosophies, in science, in medicine, in logic, and in the wisdom of men but none of these truths can set free from condemnation, guilt, from being deceived, from spiritual darkness and imprisonments that exist within that darkness. None of these truths can enter into knowing the one and only true God and the Lord Jesus Christ. None of these truths can experience neither know God’s perfect peace. Many who believe in a Jesus Christ do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, therefore they make up images and rely on them, they trust in reasonings from their own understanding and believe these to be the truth. As a result they are not free from a condemnation and oppression troubling their souls, an imprisonment they seek to escape. Many are slaves to this life. However there is a truth that is hidden from the comprehension and understanding of man. There is a truth that exist, a truth that will set free from all the pain and troubles in the soul, the heart and mind. There is a truth that leads into perfect peace, a peace that nothing can destroy. This truth is found only if those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ continue in and abide in His Word i.e. doing what He has commanded. When this occur a deep truth is known and that truth will set free from whatever is binding, whatever is not true and anything else that does not have God’s perfect peace. This freedom is not found by many Christians simply because they do not continue or remain in trusting and obeying the Lord’s Counsel, instructions and commandments. They have not been set free from the spiritual darkness experienced in dreams, imaginations, reasonings and thoughts. They are led into lies and have no wisdom to see they are deceived and as a result are powerless to resist this darkness. The belief is in the history of The Lord Jesus i.e. what they have read and heard about Him, but they have not entered into Him. There is no trusting in what He has done or spoken, neither is there relying on Him. Believing about is not the same as trusting in. Stated again believing about the history of a person is not the same as abiding and continuing in the knowledge of that person, there is a difference. Those who believe only that the history of the Lord is true will not cast their cares on Him, they will not pray to God in the way of relying on Him, they will not from their hearts confess their faults or sins to him because being in the Lord does not exist to them, only the history about Him. In reality Christ is not real neither alive to them. As a professing Christian once said, they saw Jesus Christ as only a concept (an idea, a notion, a theory). This knowledge of a concept I had seen and ofen wondered why many who profess to know the Lord are in truth only acquainted with the history of Him and their lives reflect this. After many years of searching to understand what has troubled me, the answer has been found and put into words. The history of is not the same as trusting in. Consider what Has been written.

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