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Let God Back in Our Schools!

Augie Freda

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There’s been a resurgence of the “God’s not allowed in schools” posts on social media and in conversation.   Even some of us have joined that bandwagon.

Let's explore the concept that "God is not allowed in our schools" ...

Read Matthew Chapter 6

I'm going to put my perspective out there and I'd like our discussion to pick it apart, discern truth, correct where appropriate and support where appropriate:

    The God I know is with me always, in public, private, school, work ... wherever. That’s my choice, no one else’s. If you think the God you know won’t enter a school with you because he’s not allowed, I’d respectfully suggest you may want to learn a little more about Him.

    Maybe we’d all be more effective if we took God with us into schools, work and elsewhere by keeping Him in our hearts rather than wearing Him on our sleeves or balanced as a chip on our shoulders.

    Why do we insist on using our belief in God as a wedge to separate “us” from “them”? Why not let Him use “us” to show the world His love and grace?


  1. Is God really not allowed in our schools?  Defend your position.

  2. Can God be blocked from being present in schools?  Defend your position.

  3. Are the slogans, public gatherings and other "protests" helpful?  Are they appropriate?

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