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The Enemy

Steve Szklarek

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“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”- Verbal, a character from the movie “The Usual Suspects”

“The art of war teaches us not to rely on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable”- Sun Tzu


  1. Is it difficult for you to remember that we have an enemy who is working against us?  Why is this important to remember?

  2. What are some things we can do to make our position “unassailable”?

  3. What are some ways the enemy tries to lie to you and your family?

  4. Craig Groeschel says, “When you start to question the goodness of God, it’s easier to disobey the will of God.” 
    • Can you relate to this statement?  Ever had any experience with this?

  5. What do you think the devil wants us to believe about God?

  6. 1 John 5:19: “We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.” 

    Is the devil responsible for every sin?

  7. Is it always easy to differentiate between Satan’s accusations and the Holy Spirit’s conviction?
    • How can we know the difference?

  8. What are some examples of accusations you have heard in your mind?
    • What do you do when you feel accused by the enemy?  What doesn’t work?  What helps?

  9. Proverbs 16:18 (MSG) First pride, then the crash— the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.
    Another quote from Groeschel, “You may never be more vulnerable than when you are full of pride.”

    Why do you think the enemy wants us to be full of pride?  How have you experienced this?

  10. 2 Timothy 4:2-4: “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.  For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine.  Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.  They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

    What are your thoughts on this passage of scripture?

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