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The Villain Pharoah

Augie Freda

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There are many “villains” in the Bible, but Pharoah comes across as one of the biggest, having kept the Israelites in bondage at the expense of almost everything else.  With all of the things that Pharoah ordered and put the Israelites through, the most prominent villainous characteristic for which we remember him is his hardened heart, referenced 15 distinct times in the King James Version of the Book of Exodus.

In the end, things did not turn out well for Pharoah and his hardened heart.


  1. How and why was Pharoah’s heart hardened?

  2. Did Pharoah have second thoughts, or did his heart remain hardened throughout the record of Exodus?

  3. Did God love Pharoah?  Defend your response.

  4. From this, what do we learn about what God expects from us?

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