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Tips and Suggestions after Friday Morning
Friday Morning from Saturday to Thursday


The Friday morning outline is excellent in content.  It’s probably under appreciated in the effort and quality that comes from it.  THANK YOU LEADERS!

  • Print the Friday Morning Review that is sent afterward.  Read and review what you got from the morning.  Note and pray over the requests and praises during the week.  Keep it someplace you can refer back to it.
  • Send a note to someone of encouragement, “how can I help”, “enjoyed your insight on. . . , “thinking of you”, “I’ve been there, here’s what I found. . . “
  • Meet with 2s and 3s immediately after the closing prayer, meet one-on-one during the week, get the men’s phone number or email address
  • Act on a takeaway from the morning!  Resolve to do it.  Follow up with the leader/group on your experience
  • Invite someone!  That’s how you got here!
  • Write down on your outline who attended, who you sat next to and pray for each man, for his family, that he would be kept from temptation and evil.  Learn his family members’ names and pray for them.
  • Say “hello” to them in church if you have opportunity and introduce him to your family, reiterate each time your family’s names
  • Be diligent in attendance, make it a habit.  However, if it’s hard to attend, we are an All-Grace Zone and love it when you can attend!
  • Look up and use/visit the resources on our website
  • And during Friday morning, order breakfast and be a great tipper to Lisa!
  • Here’s a nice one, when your invited friend first comes, be ready to buy his breakfast!
  • Occasionally, buy the breakfast of the man sitting next to you, it goes a long way

- Roger Fairchild


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